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Chapter 9 - Mum's The Word

Manor Park Crematorium

Long ago, when The Dead Sea didn’t even have a headache, our mums used to use giant yellow sponges the sizes of house bricks in the washing-up bowl. They were something magical and way beyond the comprehension of us little ones who were trying to grow bigger ourselves yet taking much longer to do so. They began life as small stiff strips, didn’t we all, that usually came free of charge with a remarkable floor-cleaning fluid and then, miraculously, they exploded into giant beasts a hundred times bigger when thrown into the washing up bowl. The strange things became waterlogged and thus very heavy and didn’t move much until they dried out on the draining-board many hours later. If we obtained two free sponges then one went into the bathroom and did its job every Sunday night at bath time, still too heavy to wash a face. However, it’s life didn’t end there as it then had to clean grubby windows and the next-door neighbour’s car. The life of a yellow sponge was as hard as those who used it.

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike da Vinci.


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