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Chapter 54 - Camber Sands - Hands

At the Woolwich Ferry where my holidays abroad began, if crossing the Thames can be called going abroad.

For Eastenders travelling south it usually meant taking the Woolwich Ferry over to Kent for hop-picking, a time to get away from the smoke and earn a few bob in the process, but every so often it meant a non-working holiday to Camber Sands. It made a nice change from the Essex ritual.

Southend was never a full-blown holiday anyway, but more a day trip to see the illuminations, the slightly lesser Essex equivalent to brightly lit Blackpool. The day consisted of a steam train from Barking, a stroll along the seafront to wonder at Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind, a brightly coloured replica that didn’t look anything like the real thing, an hour in the penny arcade trying to win a two-fingered Kit-Kat before heading back home with a stick of rock to give to our best friend and a brand new bucket and spade we would never use again.

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