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Chapter 4 - Brown Bread - Dead

Richard Digance, Cockney Rhyming Slang, The End Of The Frog and Toad, London History
A delightful photo with my older relations

As soon as I think of brown bread, Queen Victoria’s favourite morsel from the bakery by all accounts which makes you wonder why they bothered to name a sponge after her, I think, not of death, but of Hovis and that little kid on his delivery bike on the television commercial, peddling away wearing a barrow-boy cap three sizes too big. The year was 1973 and it was the first time I ever heard a brass band. I always assumed it was filmed up north with a colliery band on the soundtrack, but the filming took place at Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, a small Dorset market town.

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike Dali.

Richard Digance, The End Of The Frog and Toad, Cockney Rhyming Slang, London History


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