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Chapter 33 - Barnet Fair - Hair

Vicarage Lane Primary School. The last time I came here I had hair.

Such fairs are now scattered all around Britain and are known these days as County Fairs, a collection of stalls, a few burger vans and a giant paddock in the middle where rosettes are pinned to animals for no real reason unless you’re really in the know. It seems to me that their owners don’t do much more than wear white coats, straw hats and run around with the animals until they’re exhausted. Then they load the decorated prize-winners back into lorries while spectators make their way to the bar. I’m sure it’s far more complicated than that but you try telling that to a sheep or a cow that’s had a pin shoved through its ear.

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike Hockney.


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