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Chapter 28 - Joanna - Piano

Every East End Pub had a pianist who only played on the black notes

Despite suggestions to the contrary, pianos existed long before Elton John and even before former pianist Liberace who played with a broad grin and a glittering suit draped in sequins. Come to think of it, that’s no different to Elton John so maybe we’ve inadvertently discovered his inspiration.

From 1968 onwards, Elton played on numerous recordings as a session musician long before he hit the big time. There was Delilah by Tom Jones and He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother by The Hollies to name two of many. I can’t recall the number of hours I have spent trying to fathom the lyrics of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I even struggled with the meaning of just the title but to no avail. It was first released in October 1973 so although I’ve had half a century to try and understand its story I’m still none the wiser.

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