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Chapter 26 - Dog & Bone - Phone

The surgery where my Mum took phone calls as a doctor's receptionist

Alexander Graham Bell is listed as one of Scotland’s greatest inventors but the truth is his family emigrated to Canada when he was a tiny baby and from there they moved on to America. So the only real connection he has with Scotland is a long-distance phone call and a name that hints of some kind of Scottish connection, but that has never stopped Scotland calling him one of their own, as if they didn’t already have enough famous inventors. For such a small country it’s incredible how they bred them like puppies.

The dog and bone connection is a dated union that harks back to the days when butchers would give bones to people’s pets. These days it’s rare to see a dog gnawing on a raw bone as they seem to have developed into far more selective, fussy creatures, joining us humans on a more tasteful culinary journey, although they’re never as fussy as cats.

Dogs have owners but cats only have servants, and dogs run back when they’re called whereas cats will leave a message and get back to you when they feel like it.

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike Rubens.


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