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Chapter 2 - Walnut Whip - Trip

Richard Digance, Cockney Rhyming Slang, The End Of The Frog and Toad, London History
Blaney Crescent, my childhood home.

Walnut Whips first appeared as a luxury in sweet shops back in 1910, when not too many kids could afford to buy sweets so their longevity was seriously suspect. Through the years different flavours were introduced in an attempt to keep them desirable, such as coffee and maple, but what remained a constant for over half a century was the walnut sitting proudly on the top like Sir Edmund Hilary at the summit of Everest and a broken walnut inside on the base, a bonus for the buyer and a clever way of getting rid of damaged goods in the factory. Nobody knows when or why the internal broken walnut suddenly disappeared, never to be seen again like some victim in an Agatha Christie novel but disappear it did. I hate to break the news for any younger reader but walnut whips were much bigger back then, not unlike the luxurious wagon wheel.

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike Vincent Van Gogh.

Richard Digance, The End Of The Frog and Toad, Cockney Rhyming Slang, London History


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