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Chapter 18 - Huskie Ruskie - Russian

Back to when Khrushchev ruled Russia

Russians have no interest in cockney rhyming slang, which comes as no surprise as they may well have their own. Put the boot in rhymes with one of their leaders. There would have been more but the brave man who thought that one up is now pineapple farming in Siberia at his own request.

Gorbachev seemed a decent enough chap even though someone had squirted red paint on his forehead so he had every right to be angry but he kept it under his hat. As for the rest, the jury has always been out. A jury? You don’t need juries in Russia. Their military down planes and poison people and then shrug their shoulders saying it was nothing to do with them and it’s all forgotten, swept under the carpet. Members of a Russian jury would probably end up in the salt mines for just thinking about finding someone guilty of such actions. I imagine jury service for them being second only to life imprisonment.

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