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Chapter 16 - Farmer Giles - Piles

A return visit to hospital

I remember my dad suffering from the wicked things and because the tube stated the cream was for external use only he went out into the back garden and shocked our next-door neighbour when he dropped his trousers. Yes, they’re painful for sure, but, on the upside, haemorrhoids can guarantee a win at Scrabble.

With further reference to Farmer Giles himself, you can talk about empty farmyards until the cows come home but an interesting fact is that all black and white camouflage markings on cows are different. That may well be the case but why do cows have such camouflage anyway when they roam around in green fields with brown trees and never in the white areas of The Arctic? We can all see them a mile off.

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike Rembrandt.


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