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Chapter 10 - Mutt & Jeff - Deaf

Goosley Park where I played football for the school.

Thankfully, people don’t consume goat’s meat anymore and that’s what they used to call mutton many years ago, so although a play on words, the cockney term fell out of fashion before any of us were around.

The problem with eating goat is they headbutt the peas off the plate, a bit like frog’s legs. Thankfully, neither are seen on most menus in the modern Western world anymore, with the exception of France where they are lagging behind the rest of us, but don’t be fooled as this cockney rhyme has nothing whatsoever to do with goats.

If the blind wear dark glasses then why don’t the deaf wear earmuffs?

To continue reading this chapter click on this absolutely stunning picture I painted not unlike Cezanne.


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