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All CDs are personally signed

Richard's latest CD, It's Not The Same Anymore, features probably his most requested song ever, Absolutely Anything.

I wish that I could slip on a banana skin

I wish I was the joker in the pack

I wish that I could walk like Charlie Chaplin

I'd do it all if it would bring you back

I wouldn't mind at all I'd gladly act the fool

I'd play guitar if I could hear you sing

If I could spend more time with you

Maybe just an hour or two

I'd do absolutely anything

It's Not the Same Anymore front cover.jpg

It's Not The Same Anymore - The Planets Are In Line Tonight - Absolutely Anything - After Lockdown

If You Want - Doris Digance The Artist -  I Can't Put My Socks On Anymore

Charlie And His White Caravan - Tommy Cooper - Say You're Sorry - The Unknown Soldier

Florence And The Battlefield Angels - We Were Rebels

£15 including P&P 

Richard Digance The musical.jpg

The musical that obviously no-one else would bother to write. Richard's true-life story in song. 15 songs that tell it as it really happened.

24-2-49 - Val Duval - Tennis Ball - Washerwoman - Working Class Millionaire - How I Wish - My Apprenticeship - London to Glasgow - Life On The Radio - 20 Years On TV - Six Strands of Wire

Back To Mortlake Road - I Still Remember - Two Special Friends Of Mine

£15 including P&P.

This is Great Britain.jpg

I Still Remember - You Were The First - This Is Great Britain - Telford Tune

At This Stage Of My Life - If I Had All The Money In The World

Dad's Dancing At His Daughter's Wedding - Lookalike Rag - Mary's Song

Skye Lament - Until The Fat Lady Sings

£15 including P&P.

The Toast of Christmas Past.jpg

The Christmas Journey - The Toast Of Christmas Past

The Ballad Of Johnny Puller - My Daughter Don't Believe In Father Christmas Anymore

The Magic Sleigh - Father Christmas Save The World - In The Bleak Mid Winter

Christmas Journey's End - We Wish You a Merry Christmas

£15 including P&P.

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