2022 sees new directions for Richard as he plays just a small handful of his favourite venues, takes his foot off the touring pedal and social media platforms to concentrate on writing a new book, composing music in his recording studio and setting up a creative consultancy, ProVision which launched on 1st January.

With the continuing uncertainty in the world Richard's festival appearances have been replaced with more isolated studio work and a chance to indulge more in the writing of his new book 'Whatever Happened To Conker Collins?' and his love of painting. So although Richard will not be seen so much in person in 2022  he will continue to be as creative as ever and you can follow his new path through this official website. 

The TICK YOUR BOX day whereby you learn to play guitar and write a song in just one day is selling like hot cakes, The Sunday date 20th May has completely DOLD OUT but there are still spaces available for the 19th.

An additional upside from spending less time on the road is that Richard has rekindled his popular Your Poem service too, writing your unique rhymes for that special celebration or for that special person.

Visit Richard's New Bookshop Page To View His Full Catalogue

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 We are delighted to add a new bookshop page including signed hardback versions available direct through this website and paperback releases through Amazon.

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