In Richard's own words; 'The last couple of years have been a very rough ride but I never fell off the horse.'

Richard's live performances at The Mowlem Theatre, Swanage and The Stables, Wavendon, marked the long-awaited return to the concert stage after 17 months. Like all performers it's been a long wait for him that has seen so many of Richard's musical friends give up, but Richard is one of the lucky ones who has survived the awful time and is now back on the road after such a long lay-off. He looks forward to maybe seeing you somewhere down the road.

A new book, new instrumental album and the co-writing of a musical drama, Too Many Candles, with actor Mark Kempner has kept Richard occupied for the past months, now it's time to get back on stage! Dates are already confirmed for 2022 so check out the Live Dates page and come along.

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During lockdown Richard reflected on his life well lived and put it down in print.

A story of success that began in London's East End and a dream of being a footballer, never thinking he would one day be a BAFTA Nominated Entertainer when he stacked shelves at Safeway.

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Richard has composed soundtracks for many outlets from The BBC to best-selling author Bill Bryson.

This is his first instrumental release for over 30 years.

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