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News of live dates and special projects, including VIP nights in Salisbury and songwriting workshops. 

'Richard Digance was a big influence, his stories are so imaginative' - Ross Noble, top British comedian

'Richard Digance is brilliant' - Bill Bryson, the world's best-selling travel author

'Richard Digance is a National Treasure' Bob Harris, BBC radio presenter

''Richard is imaginative, inventive and brilliant' - Dan Patterson, Producer - Whose Line Is It Anyway? / Mock The Week

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Covewae Island 

'Covewae Island'  is a project that has taken over a year to create, involving Richard's first ever audiobook, The Covewae Kid, additional books, music and paintings. It's an incredible journey that he invites you to join and even be an active part of.

Check it out on www.covewaeisland.com

The audiobook, 8 hours 47 minutes, is narrated by Richard with original musical soundtrack throughout and there is also a paperback version also available on Amazon.

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Richard Digance - The Musical 

The 60-minute musical that obviously no-one else would bother to write. Richard's true-life story in song. 15 songs that tell it as it really happened. Personally signed £15 including P&P.

24-2-49 -  Val Duval - Tennis Ball - The Washerwoman - Working Class Millionaire - How I Wish - My Apprenticeship - London to Glasgow - Life on the Radio - 20 Years on TV - Six Strands of Wire - Back to Mortlake Road - I Still Remember - Two Special Friends of Mine -

24-2-49 Reprise

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