2021 sees the launch of Richard's dream of creating a creative writing and performance school in his home city of Salisbury for less-fortunate, underprivileged hopefuls who would like to develop their creative skills. 

It is available to those who cannot afford the usual route of creative writing courses or expensive guitar lessons maybe because of unfortunate circumstances, unemployment or even upon retirement when the time has come to tick a box.

Free daily sessions will be available for those who never thought it financially possible with the inclusion of a free guitar for those who cannot afford to buy one.

Please visit the new  website for full details with information on how perhaps you can help with a donation to this worthy cause. All benefactors are acknowledged on the site as a thank you for their kindness.



Alongside Richard is accomplished musician and record producer, Matt Black and we have already received a wonderful donation from Richard's close friend in New York, songwriter Dean Friedman. Have  a look and see what you think.

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