The Rainbow's Other End - Ugly Babies - Cropredy Morris Tune - Countryside
Egg On My Face - Happy New Year - Ragtime Ramble - Mrs Johnson
She's A Lady - Red Bull - Whatever Happened To England? - All Is Said & Done
15 tracks
£12 + £2 p&p
My 100 Strangest Shows
100 good,bad & ugly memories
From a guitar duet with Queen's Brian May to another with a Gurkha soldier in China, and the show where nobody turned up!
Over 300 pages of fun and misery!
Limited Hardback edition - signed - £15 + £3 P&P
A Cracker of a Murder Mystery
Richard's new novel
Imagine a Christmas cracker writing a murder mystery novel and you have the funniest crime book ever.
Who Dunnit? Who Didn't Dunnit?
Limited Hardback edition - signed - £15 + £3 P&P
Football Is About To Burst
A topical subject and a story that began with the Hungarian uprising of 1956 when Russian tanks rolled into Budapest. What happens when a great Hungarian player finds his club has been bought by a Russian billionaire?
Limited hardback edition - signed
£15 + £2 p&p
Father Christmas's Journey
Now in its 5th reprint. 24 magical poems for children
His wooden sleigh is magical with a special kind of power
that helps him go around the world is less than half an hour
£10 + £2 p&p

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