Hello and welcome to my June Newsletter.

During these difficult times I have struggled the same as everyone else as we all wonder what our futures hold. Theatre performances seem far into the distance at the moment and so I have been using the hours to build my brand new art gallery with my Bubble Collection, write a book, Lockdown, that will be published very soon and getting to work in the recording studio to add to my soundtrack catalogue of music. 

I haven't left the house for nearly four months but luckily I have a nice garden and so have dug a vegetable area and finding jobs to do that I wouldn't be too bothered about under normal circumstances, probably like yourself. Just like The Queen my world seems to smell of fresh paint.

I built an art studio in the garden, it's only a shed but it sounds poncey if I call it my art studio, and I've spent days creating my Bubble Collection in there, which I'm really proud of.

I'm keeping my musical brain alive by trying to come up with ideas that may be of interest to you and as a means of keeping my profile on the go. To that end you will see I've created a bespoke CD whereby you sned me your 10 favourite songs of mine and I will master your very own album with your name as the title, or maybe a friend or relation.

I've also added some chill-out videos to the website as a free service to help you keep calm through these dreadful times.

To add more fun to the site I've also decided to run a monthly auction for bits and pieces I hope you will be interested in bidding for.

The final addition is a monthly concert that you can also watch for free but with an option to donate a couple of pounds, if you can afford it, but no worries if not, that I will disperse accordingly.

Please keep safe and well and look after each other and I look forward to telling you how things are going in my July Newsletter.

Love and best wishes, Richard

© COPYRIGHT 2017 Richard Digance