Hello and welcome to my July Newsletter.

During these difficult times I have struggled the same as everyone else as we all wonder what our futures hold. Speaking to those in the know, I don't think theatre will ever be the same again. I personally don't relish playing to disatnced audeinces with two empty other seats, it would be so difficult to build an atmosphere under those circumstances.

My new book Four Months Lost was published just 3 weeks ago and it's doing really well on Amazon so at least something is going in the right direction.

I haven't left the house for five months but luckily I have a nice garden and so have dug a vegetable area and finding jobs to do that I wouldn't be too bothered about under normal circumstances, probably like yourself. Just like The Queen my world seems to smell of fresh paint.

I've been giving guitar lessons to keep myself match fit but to be honest my whole life has changed to such an extent it's ridiculous. I now go to bed at a time when I would still be finishing my second set on stage and I get up to see the dawn instead of driving home through the night.

I'm keeping my musical brain alive by trying to come up with ideas that may be of interest to you and as a means of keeping my profile on the go. To that end you will see I've created a bespoke CD whereby you sned me your 10 favourite songs of mine and I will master your very own album with your name as the title, or maybe a friend or relation.

I hope you are keeping well and I send my best wishes, Richard

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