A video of Richard performing his iconic song of Christmas memories together with your dedications. 

Each personalised video is just £5 or 6 for £25.

How it works, When you place your order you will be asked to inform us of the dedications you require and they will be added to the video in Richard's studio. How easy is that? If this seems complicated, an elf from The Elf Service,  elfservice@btinternet.com will give assistance on how to receive your video from us with your dedications included and how to forward on to them. 

Mince pies, Morecambe & Wise, going to sleep without closing your eyes

Sending a card to someone at school, not getting one back and feeling a fool

Being a shepherd in the school play, bubble & squeak on Boxing Day

Eating a layer of Cadbury's Milk Tray and spitting the coffee cream out etc etc. duration; 4 minutes


Single Package - £5

Silent Night, Turkish Delight

Figs that only your Grannie would bite

A Christmas cracker's terrible joke 

Dad's cigars and the smell of the smoke


6 Package - £25 with individual dedications

A jumping bean, a tangerine 

A Pifco torch you never turned green

Tiddly-winking into a cup

Steve McQueen smashing his motorbike up

A magical Christmas story for a magical person

A CD for just £2.50, a video narration of a magical journey by Father Christmas, personally dedicated to your very special little ones.


CD For Children - Story and personal dedication - £2.50

His wooden sleigh is magical 

With a special kind of power 

That helps him go all around the world 

In less than half an hour