Introducing Richard's new children's audiobook catalogue, available to download now.

Fun rhymes & songs to download onto your computer or phone, ideal for keeping children or grandchildren, nieces and nephews, occupied with fun poems and sing-along songs.

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A 60-minute bumper bundle of fun rhymes, plus 10 songs

When Crocodile Bought Crocs - The Crocodile Song - Hippo The Potty Mouse - Pelly The Pelican - The Vegetarian Sausage Dog - The Bronze Fish That Never Won Gold - Swish Go The Tails - Hally The Halibut - The Robin With The Yellow Breast - Sam The One Eyed Snail - The Slug That Wanted To Be A Snail -

Monkey Song - Multi Porpoise Creatures - The Dolphin Song - The Smelly Jellyfish - The Ants At The Olympics - Song With No Words - The Kangaroo That Thought He Was A Horse - The Lizard of Oz - The Animal Song

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A 45-minute bumper bundle of fun rhymes and 11 Songs

The Slime Age Introduction - Back To The War Of The Worms - In The Beginning - A Dusty Planet - The War Of The Worms Is A Story - Mother Nature Arrives - My Name Is Bud - Oxygen In The Soil - The Very Funny Thing About A Hole - It May Not Cost The Earth - Only Time Will Tell - Back To The War OF The Worms 

Coming Soon!

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